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Check out our new Burrillville word search!  You can download the PDF here for viewing and printing on your own computer.  You will need Adobe Acrobat reader or another PDF viewer to see the word search.

Download the Burrillville Word Search

Old Schools of Burrillville

Check out the photos and writeup on the history of the Old Schools of Burrillville.  This information will give you a feeling for the beginnings of our school systems and how they evolved over the early years in our great Town.

The photos represent the older schools which have since disappeared or are being used now for entirely different purposes.  If you have questions about them, just send an inquiry through this site.

Enjoy your journey to the days of long ago.

Patricia A. Mehrtens, Burrillville Town Historian

Welcome to BurrillvilleHistory.net!

     It’s my pleasure to present a website devoted entirely to the history of our Town:  Burrillville, Rhode Island.

     The history of Burrillville is a very interesting and convoluted one.  Many varieties of resources have been used to bring this information to you.  Our idea is to make you all more aware of the town that is Burrillville and to help you appreciate the concept of individual villages by which we identify ourselves.

      This site presents the opportunity of offering for sale the books I have accumulated by either writing or retyping over the years so that some of the written history of the town is available for future generations.

     Please stay tuned as my son John and I work to bring you the best information available on our great Town of Burrillville.  Also be aware that this website will evolve to keep things interesting.

    If you have any questions or comments, please send us an email by using the 'Contact Us' link.


                             Pat Mehrtens

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